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Carry on Luggage can serve many purposes rather than be a burden

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Charging while Adhering to the constraints of batteries onboard

Modobag features dual USB Charging Ports. Thanks to smart engineering, there is still 2000 cubic inches of interior packing space, plus pockets for electronics, while maintaining a weight of under 20 pounds. Lithium Titanium Oxide battery technology, which is far more stable than any previous lithium battery technology, has been leveraged to make it safe for fight.

Designed with a high-strength ballistic nylon shell and crush-resistant aluminum chassis, as well as comfort features like a telescoping handlebar and quick release footpegs, Modobag can comfortably transport a 180 passenger 8 miles.

Load Bearing + Movement = Robust Design and Engineering

Smartphone carrying passengers = Travelers want to track their luggage

Using GSM-GPRS Technology to locate Modobag luggage worldwide in real time, the user can track their bag no matter what airline they're flying or where they are.

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