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gogo inflight wifi for gogoinflight

Gogo, Inc is the preeminent provider of airborne connectivity solutions enabling airline passengers to stay connected. They

turned to the team at Telefonix PDT when it came time to do a complete technology refresh for their onboard server, the ACPU-1 (ACPU = ABS Computer Processing Unit).

Enabling Connectivity at 30,000 feet, 500 mph

Gogo ACPU-2 enabling inflight wifi for gogoinflight

Gogo Inflight Wifi Enabled by ACPU-2

The ACPU-2 was to include all original interfaces of the original ACPU, and be designed to plug & play in the same aircraft tray and with the same interface cabling as the original ACPU. New ACPU-2 features were to include advanced processing capabilities, ARINC 429 aircraft interfaces, expanded Gigabit Ethernet ports with Layer 2/3 support, avionic discretes, onboard WiFi radio, GSM Terrestrial modem, and extended onboard multi-Terabyte SSD mass storage capability.

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gogo inflight wifi for gogoinflight

The scope of work took advantage of the full breadth of PDT’s engineering expertise from Systems, Electrical, Mechanical, and Software. A tight customer timeline for aircraft certified hardware meant local project management with coordination with PDT’s Ukraine design center where many of the boards were laid out.

Complex Engineering

Elite Electronic Engineering of gogo inflight wifi for gogoinflight

Other enhancements were included as part of the learning curve afforded by Gogo's experience with over 2,000 ACPU aircraft installations. Some of these enhancements include a persistent E ink type display to show the software revision to maintenance personnel even when the power is removed from the unit. The ACPU-2 also includes an autonomous microcontroller to monitor the health state of the internal processor cards.


Qualification testing of gogo inflight ACPU-2 enabling gogoinflight wifi

The state-of-the-art ACPU-2 server is in the final stages of its DO-160G qualification program, in preparation for early Q2

deliveries to Gogo.


Local Chicago manufacturing of gogo inflight wifi  ACPU-2 for gogoinflight

"In our search for a company to develop and manufacture the ACPU-2, we focused on companies that not only offered a

history of developing airborne certified hardware, but companies that could offer real design innovation and an eagerness to do whatever it takes to meet our mutual goals.” Pat Walsh, Sr. Vice President of Engineering at Gogo.

Gogo Inflight Design Innovation

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