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Connecting at 30,000 Feet, 500 MPH

October 27, 2014

Product Development Technologies (PDT), a product design and development consultancy, presented ‘Connectivity at 30,000 Feet, 500 Miles Per Hour’ with partner company, Telefonix, a design and manufacturing company that supplies hardware solutions to the inflight entertainment and connectivity markets, at the Back End of Innovation Conference (BEI) October 6, 2014. In this video, you’ll see the team walk through the process of developing the ACPU-2 Advanced Airborne Server for Gogo, the preeminent provider of airborne connectivity solutions enabling airline passengers to stay connected.


“It’s fascinating to see how people have grown to expect the same level of connectivity in the air as they have become accustomed to on the ground,” says Erik Moses, Director of Research and Strategy for PDT. “What many

don’t understand are the challenges in delivering that experience at 30,000 feet.”


PDT and Telefonix worked closely with the Gogo team to design the ACPU-2 Advanced Airborne Server, which is a critical component in delivering content to passengers’ personal electronic devices whether flying above land or sea.


“This program had some tough challenges in terms of timing, designing for scalability and upgradability and, of course, developing a device robust enough to successfully complete the rigorous testing and certification process required before installation on any aircraft,” says Jim Costello, Chief Technology Officer for Telefonix.


The ACPU-2 includes all the original interfaces of the original ACPU, and is designed to plug & play in the same aircraft tray and with the same interface cabling as the original ACPU.

New ACPU-2 features include advanced processing capabilities offered by dual– Intel® 3rd Generation Core™ i7 quad core processors, ARINC 429, expanded Gigabit Ethernet ports supported by a Layer 2/3 Gigabit Ethernet switch, avionic discretes, onboard WiFi radio, GSM/HSPA+ Terrestrial modem, and extended onboard multi-Terabyte SSD mass storage capability.


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