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Alaska Air Launch


Gogo’s ACPU-2 Advanced Airborne Server, developed with the design and engineering teams at Telefonix and PDT, is now powering Alaska Airlines’ new streaming video entertainment product, called Alaska Beyond Entertainment.


Gogo Vision is Gogo’s own in-air entertainment service, which is behind Alaska Airlines’ Alaska Beyond Entertainment offering. Powered by the Gogo ACPU-2 Server, passengers can watch content on their own Mac or Windows laptops, iPads or Android tablets, without degrading the passenger’s connection to the ground. Gogo Vision movies and TV shows are stored on the ACPU-2 Server on the plane, so streaming video content does not require In-air Internet service.


Alaska Beyond Entertainment is available today on 50 of their Boeing 737 aircraft, and will be available on nearly all aircraft by April 2015.


To learn more about the development of the Gogo ACPU-2 Advanced Airborne Server, view the case study >







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